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Press Release no. 04 — #Egypt #OpEgypt

If you are a secular wannabe, just forget it. Don’t waste your time, unless you are getting paid well for it. Egypt’s law is largely derived from Islamic teachings and it will always remain so. The issue in Egypt, is … Continue reading

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Press Release no. 03 (10-2-2014) #Egypt #OpEgypt

Unlike what the mainstream media says, the regime in Egypt has never changed since January 2011. Back then, millions of Egyptians thought their dream of a dignified life is finally becoming possible. They followed calls for demonstrations organized by not … Continue reading

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#OpEgypt | Press Release2: Analogy to Understand | بيان ٢: مقاربة للفهم

Operation Egypt’s audio press release number 2, regarding the latest developments in Egypt. Related articles No to MB policies, police, or the palace guards. The revolution will rule Egypt. Mainstream media “mistakes” on Egypt Not as peaceful as they said … Continue reading

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