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Press Release no. 04 — #Egypt #OpEgypt

If you are a secular wannabe, just forget it. Don’t waste your time, unless you are getting paid well for it. Egypt’s law is largely derived from Islamic teachings and it will always remain so. The issue in Egypt, is … Continue reading

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Disinformation on #Egypt: Who’s Eric Trager (@EricTrager18)?

Operation Egypt’s recent self-review article sought to encourage other groups and individuals to take similar steps, however there are some to whom activism are just words. We will not be silent to those who hide behind empty words and hypocrisy. … Continue reading

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Post-second-Coup #OpEgypt and What’s Next | #Egypt

The collective named Operation Egypt (aka OpEgypt) always says it is guided by a set of principles. Were all of these principles adhered to during the few months following July 3rd, 2013 (i.e., the second coup by SCAF since 2011)? … Continue reading

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Understanding Possible Political Views on the post-Morsi Egypt

This is a bird’s eye view mapping the categories of possible opinions within the Egyptian political theater. The map depicts only the period from June 30th 2013 onwards. The names of certain groups or parties are intentionally not included and … Continue reading

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We are All Machiavelli | #Egypt

Article by Dr Bassem Youssef, originally in Arabic, published by ShoroukNews, on Tuesday, February 11, 2014. Translated to English by Operation Egypt. The week preceding July the 30th. Anxiety, tension, fear of the future. A foreign journalist asked me: “What … Continue reading

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Press Release no. 03 (10-2-2014) #Egypt #OpEgypt

Unlike what the mainstream media says, the regime in Egypt has never changed since January 2011. Back then, millions of Egyptians thought their dream of a dignified life is finally becoming possible. They followed calls for demonstrations organized by not … Continue reading

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Justification of violence both ways! | #Egypt

Look at these two tweets by the same “journalist”. One on May 2013 (Morsi officially heads the police): “Till when will the police use a soft hand on the thugs who attack the police in daylight, destroy and burn their … Continue reading

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#OpEgypt: Protestors shoot down a comrade #Egypt [slow motion]

Video showing “pro-Morsi” protestor shooting a comrade down with a bullet in the chest. Appears to be in Alexandria. Recorded in 2013. Exact date and location needs investigation. Does the man in pink shirt belong to them or passing by? … Continue reading

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#OpEgypt #Egypt: “Pro-Morsi” clash with army in #Suez. 10-1-2014

Unauthenticated video showing a civilian wounded in the back. It’s possible that he was unarmed, just throwing stones, or maybe trying to film the scene. However, in the same video, from behind the victim, an “armed element” (within other unarmed … Continue reading

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Peaceful Lies? | #Egypt

Their English speaking outlets will say “violent incidents are made by

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