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Disinformation on #Egypt: Who’s Eric Trager (@EricTrager18)?

Operation Egypt’s recent self-review article sought to encourage other groups and individuals to take similar steps, however there are some to whom activism are just words. We will not be silent to those who hide behind empty words and hypocrisy. … Continue reading

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#OpEgypt: 25 police conscripts executed in #Sinai, #Egypt

Images showing police conscripts killed in Al Arish city in Egypt’s North Sinai governorate. The image shows men with their hands tied behind their back, indicating an execution-style killing. Medical report by an ambulance worker on the death of the … Continue reading

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What you must know about the Egyptian military industrial complex

Article re-blogged from the original post dated Thursday, January 03, 2013. By Alshimaa Helmy. Before the day the military took to the streets of Cairo on the 28th of January 2011 and before I was detained by the military while … Continue reading

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#OpEgypt: The curious case of John McCaine

“I believe that they [Muslim Brotherhood] should be specifically excluded from any transition government.” – John McCain February 06, 2011 “The Muslim Brotherhood taking a certain role of in the transition process in Egypt: It concerns me so much that … Continue reading

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#OpEgypt: The coup of the coup!

January 25 2011 was an uprising against injustice. February 11 2011 SCAF (unconstitutionally) took direct control, with the help of MB & Co. According to the constitution then, the head of the constitutional court was supposed to be the interim … Continue reading

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Who’s the Boss?

‪We know that ‪Saudi‬ stands by the new government, just as Qatar‬ stands by Morsi! We also know that both of these tyrant regimes are US‬ tools. Didn’t you know? … We are facing the same regime. Different faces. It … Continue reading

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EU, US & Co have Zero Credibility in Egypt

They supported Mubarak for decades, although they knew his horrible deeds. However, for them, our lives is an acceptable price for the stability of their interests! We will never forget that. Then they thought that the Brotherhood can be the … Continue reading

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Are you a Morsi Sympathizer?

Not everyone who backs the Brotherhood’s agenda is necessarily one of them. The Muslim Brotherhood have a diverse range of sympathizers. Each category of sympathizers has its own reason for showing support. AlQaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri, for example, supports … Continue reading

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Four reasons why Israel may miss Morsi after all

Egypt’s president is no Zionist, but will Israel truly benefit from his ouster? As Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi remains effectively powerless after the ultimatum set by Egypt’s army expired on Wednesday, it was hard not to sense the levels of … Continue reading

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Israel Speaks on AlQaeda Ruling Syria

Israel says Syria should even be handed over to al-Qaeda-linked terrorists if that is the only option to change the government in order to harm Iran. A top figure in Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs, Sima Shine, issued a statement … Continue reading

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