#OpEgypt #Egypt: “Pro-Morsi” clash with army in #Suez. 10-1-2014

Unauthenticated video showing a civilian wounded in the back.

It’s possible that he was unarmed, just throwing stones, or maybe trying to film the scene. However, in the same video, from behind the victim, an “armed element” (within other unarmed protestors) appears firing towards the armored military vehicle [t=1:18~1:20].

No single person from the “protestors” was later seen trying to stop the

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Peaceful Lies? | #Egypt

Their English speaking outlets will say “violent incidents are made by

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#Egypt’s “prominent activists” leaking badly! 001


On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the

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#OpEgypt: Pro-Morsi publish their “hit list” V0.1

“Pro-Morsi” publish a list of names and details of cops who have allegedly participated in the August 14th incident in Rabaa square, Nasr City, Cairo.

The list is posted on one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s official local websites, in Arabic only, to maintain their “we are peaceful” English narrative posted on English forums and websites. List is here, with a pastie that exceeded 40K hits in 2 days. The list includes personal details of the policemen.

This pastie seems to be a work in progress with several entries not yet complete. In the meantime, dozens of fanatic minded social forums and websites use the pastie in their inflammatory posts, promoting more massacres. They call their operation the memory of retribution.

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A Nonviolent Muslim Brotherhood? | #OpEgypt #Egypt

Article by Ibrahim el-Houdaiby  at the Middle East Institute on Oct 04, 2013

Three months after the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood remains in shock. In two and a half years, the group went full circle, from an outlawed organization to one that won a plurality in parliamentary elections and saw its candidate win the presidential election, to that president’s ouster a year later and the subsequent court verdict ordering the group’s shutdown. During this short journey, the Brotherhood shifted alliances. At times it paired with civil forces against Islamist “extremists,” and at others it allied with the military and state actors against revolutionaries—and vice versa. It paid a heavy price for this alternation of alliances, as it led to a drop in public support. The Brotherhood is now paying an even higher price for its ongoing alliance with

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Egypt: Nothing was inevitable

Opinion by Ibrahim El-Houdaiby, published by Ahram Online on Friday 13 Sep 2013.

Some believe, or pretend, current developments that seem to abort the revolution were inevitable and unavoidable, and thus exploring the reasons for the present situation and highlighting mistakes is a waste of time. But I believe this is incorrect because it confuses the intent to abort the revolution (which undoubtedly is the goal of some parties since the first day) with the ability to do so. It was a very weak trend at first, but has gained strength because of mistakes, not caused by miscalculation but no doubt by the

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The Counter-Revolution : MOFO Exposed Pt.1

Oh hai! My name is David M. Satterfield! When I’m not acting as the Director General of the ‘independent’ Multi-national Forces & Observers (MFO or MOFO as me and the guys like to call ourselves) organization tasked with ‘peace-keeping’ in The Sinai you can find me taking leaves of absences so I can be Chargé d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo!

I’m just the kind of honest, unbiased & impartial guy you would immediately think of hiring to oversee sensitive peace-keeping duties in such a volatile region, not to mention an all-round great guy to have running a US embassy in

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#OpEgypt | The Search for Democracy: An Egyptian Take

Video that provides a background for the turbulent events since Morsi took power and was later deposed by the army, and pose the central question of how to see these developments in the light of democracy.The search for democracy continues.

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#OpEgypt | Press Release2: Analogy to Understand | بيان ٢: مقاربة للفهم

Operation Egypt’s audio press release number 2, regarding the latest developments in Egypt.

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Statistical survey on the death incidents starting from the Rabaa sit in dispersal and during the following 2 weeks

Reblogged from Wiki Thawra

Statistical survey on the death incidents starting from the Rabaa sit in dispersal and during the following 2 weeks.

– شهدت الفترة الماضية احداث عنف اجتاحت ربوع البلاد من أدناها الى اقصاها منذ تنفيذ قرار فض اعتصامى رابعة والنهضة .. حيث تتابعت اشتباكات فى مختلف انحاء الجمهورية وتنوعت ما بين مؤيدين و معارضين او بين امن او جيش ومتظاهرين او احداث طائفية او قتل خارج اطار القانون او هجوم مسلح او اغتيال .. وهذا عرض تفصيلى لحصر القتلى منذ  فض الاعتصامين 14 اغسطس 2013 حتى 1 سبتمبر 2013 وجارى تحديثه بكل جديد .. اقرأ المزيد

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