Press Release no. 04 — #Egypt #OpEgypt

If you are a secular wannabe, just forget it. Don’t waste your time, unless you are getting paid well for it. Egypt’s law is largely derived from Islamic teachings and it will always remain so. The issue in Egypt, is neither about religious nor military rule, even if some people want it to appear so. It’s all about incompetence and slavery to Zionist money.

Operation Egypt​ sometimes shares news. This leads some people to think of it as a news source. It’s not. It’s a biased entity that only speaks/acts selectively. How can we talk about solidarity and be selective? Sounds not fair, or unclear. We are very aware of this, which is why we remind you. Repeatedly. If you choose to rely on our feeds as a news source, you will end up either with a single sided story, or even with no story at all. Popularity is not and will never be taken into consideration when sharing our opinions.

That said, we repeat our position again clearly. For us, Al-Sisi and Morsi are criminals who have a transient disagreement after 2.5 years of close cooperation. Al-Sisi outsmarted Morsi, and almost all of the Egyptian politicians. He had a plan and implemented it brilliantly. The abuses we see now are not different from those during Morsi’s time. Same torture to death in prisons, murder, unjust cases, etc. No criminal is better than the other. Morsi and the leaders of his group were/are sectarian, incompetent and traitors. His group’s leaders’ role model is Sudan, as they stated on TV repeatedly. In Arabic only of course. That’s the limit of their intellect.

If so, then which side are we on? We said before, the people. How come, given that we speak/act so little on that level? The answer is 4 years long. In short, we follow the situation closely, but silently, after realizing that the so called revolution does not exist, or is dead. If not, it must die. Why? Simply because it’s a lie. How come? Looking carefully back at the past 4 years, without political blurring, we see every incident as part of the whole plan to where we are now. The regime used the greed of the MB leaders, who fell for the bait as they did in 1952 in the same exact way.

Protests, especially with armed individuals, can’t change the regime in Egypt as it couldn’t in Syria. It can only increase the suffering of ordinary people and add more misery to those who believe in false hopes. “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” – States the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You can’t torture ordinary people and bring weapons within unsuspecting sit-in crowds, then say it’s all for liberty.

It’s easy for us to pretend heroism in front of you on the web, and not tell you what we really believe. We will not sell you any false hopes. We see it mathematically. There is no revolution without a leader and unity. Both requirements are clearly missing. Therefore, the revolution does not exist. Pushing the people’s livelihoods, painting false media images, hoping that Egyptians might rise up again is not only an inhumane strategy, but it will certainly fail.

Don’t misunderstand. We still have hope, that one day enough people will realize that struggling to educate the tens of millions of illiterate Egyptians comes first, then comes the struggle for the definition of freedom. There are many honorable Egyptians who already work on educating the people outside the government’s framework. This is the only first step we see on the way for a liveable, free, and safe Egypt.


Written by Operation Egypt on the 12th of March, 2015.

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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  1. Mostafa says:

    Well said

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