Press Release no. 03 (10-2-2014) #Egypt #OpEgypt

Unlike what the mainstream media says, the regime in Egypt has never changed since January 2011. Back then, millions of Egyptians thought their dream of a dignified life is finally becoming possible. They followed calls for demonstrations organized by not much known folks, from which a selected set of personalities were later polished and called “revolutionary icons”. After 18 days of struggle, came the core of the regime, with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood elites and other opportunists, and implemented a deal to kill the popular protests and split the bounty.

The supreme council of armed forces (SCAF) removed Mubarak by force, put him on a series of farce trials, and unconstitutionally appointed itself as the new head. They tried in several ways to avoid handing power to the people and remained in power for about 18 months during which serious violations to human rights took place in several events against those who tried to speak up and challenge their ruling. Under pressure they orchestrated a farce presidential elections under no parliament or constitution.

It wasn’t long until the newly elected president became hated by a broad sector of the people. Everything he said or did was self-destructive. Once again, millions of Egyptians were mobilized to demand a new president via early elections. At this time the core of the regime has repeated its 2011 coup once again with the blessings of the western powers. All the change the people of Egypt get is in the labels only.

Many people were happy with the removal of Morsi, just as they were happy to see Mubarak removed. However the situation is much more complicated than that. Now the regime is more ready to do anything to protect its bounty. Killing hundreds more and detaining thousands of innocents while justifying its acts as patriotic via the fraud mainstream media and with the help of those in the “free world”. They promised full independent investigations over the massacres that followed the second coup. Seven months have passed and the doubts about their lies became more obvious.

About time

Egypt will only see stability when there is justice. However real investigations and realizing justice appears to be not on the agenda of those in power. Why would a killer willingly bring himself to justice?

Since July 3rd 2013 we have been busy on multiple fronts including closely monitoring both sides, the pro and anti coup. However our focus then was centered on exposing lies presented by the anti coup which were being mostly ignored and misreported by the English speaking mainstream media. In the meantime, several other English speaking anti coup outlets that we previously recommended have been actively focusing on reporting regime violations and crimes.

We admit that Operation Egypt has deviated from its fundamental principles in multiple occasions in the past months.  However, we have the courage to confront ourselves and the ability to correct our direction to once again become inline with our core principles. Especially in standing for justice even as against ourselves.

The true face of those so called “revolutionary icons” and western journalists who claim neutrality has become more obvious despite their continuous denial of their hypocritical selective solidarity and their justification of double standards and bias. When three of “their” fellow activists embark on hunger strike in jail and so do dozens of “other” innocent activists the double standards becomes unmistakable.

It’s about time for more efforts to come together in order to identify and extend bridges between real revolutionaries who are still out there struggling peacefully to strongly confront the ugly regime and its fellow hypocrites.

That said. From now on, the focus of Operation Egypt will Re-expand to include the following:
– Stressing on the state of justice in Egypt from a human rights perspective.
– Confronting the hypocrisy, lies and fabrications of both the Egyptian and western media.
– Exposing the hypocrisy and mistakes of the western powers in regards to their stances on Egypt.
– Challenging the misconceptions in the non-Arabic mainstream narrative about what’s really going on in Egypt.
– Reporting on the stories that go missing in the western media.
– A few other things that you don’t want to know about..

We call upon the free people of the world to join us and help the people of Egypt realize their dreams via peaceful struggle.

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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2 Responses to Press Release no. 03 (10-2-2014) #Egypt #OpEgypt

  1. Shimaa E says:

    Welcome back to the “revolutionary front”, guys 😉
    Glad to see you coming back and revising your position.
    Best of luck with everything.

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