#OpEgypt: Protestors shoot down a comrade #Egypt [slow motion]

Video showing “pro-Morsi” protestor shooting a comrade down with a bullet in the chest. Appears to be in Alexandria. Recorded in 2013. Exact date and location needs investigation.

Does the man in pink shirt belong to them or passing by? Who is on the other side, security or residents? When is the exact date? Where exactly was this video recorded?

It seems he was holding a sword and shield that he dropped the moment he fell.

This doesn’t mean that all demonstrations are like this. We don’t know. But it means for sure that not anyone killed with a “live bullet in the chest” is the victim of the police. It sounds like some theory until you see it happening in front of you. Suddenly you disbelieve in everything. The police kills. The regime lies. But the story is not that simple.

Hidden Hands
Robert Fisk shocking gun account

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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