#OpEgypt #Egypt: “Pro-Morsi” clash with army in #Suez. 10-1-2014

Unauthenticated video showing a civilian wounded in the back.

It’s possible that he was unarmed, just throwing stones, or maybe trying to film the scene. However, in the same video, from behind the victim, an “armed element” (within other unarmed protestors) appears firing towards the armored military vehicle [t=1:18~1:20].

No single person from the “protestors” was later seen trying to stop the “armed” element, or even escape from the scene. Three men were reportedly killed on same day.

We must say that we are not certain about the kind of firing device, yet. It could be fireworks, homemade gun, or whatever. The end is always the same. Let’s assume for a moment that it was a firework. What’s the point? How did they think this can be more effective than simply raising their banners and repeating their chants? Someone will say that chanting does nothing, but so does fireworks vs armored vehicles… Except triggering a new tragedy.  What kind of “weapon” was that and “who actually killed” that protestor are important questions that we are interested in answering. However, these are not this article’s questions. Our question is why? Why aim/carry even, lets say, a plastic toy gun towards an armored vehicle while your same protest message can be delivered in a different, more clear way? Haven’t we learned from earlier mistakes?

Location: Suez, Egypt.
Date: 10-Jan-2014

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About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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