The Counter-Revolution : MOFO Exposed Pt.1

Oh hai! My name is David M. Satterfield! When I’m not acting as the Director General of the ‘independent’ Multi-national Forces & Observers (MFO or MOFO as me and the guys like to call ourselves) organization tasked with ‘peace-keeping’ in The Sinai you can find me taking leaves of absences so I can be Chargé d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo!

I’m just the kind of honest, unbiased & impartial guy you would immediately think of hiring to oversee sensitive peace-keeping duties in such a volatile region, not to mention an all-round great guy to have running a US embassy in an unstable country near you!

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about ‘getting involved‘ in Middle-Eastern affairs, heck I’ve even been trained in Arabic! My passion has taken me to Syria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq – I just can’t get enough of the region!

Whether it’s helping the Iraqis decide what’s in their own best interests or doing my bit for the Israel Palestine ‘Peace Process’ you can always find me bunkered down in the thick of things – what can I say? I’m just a really passionate guy! So passionate in fact that the US State Department awarded me not just one but FOUR Superior Honor Awards for my notable ‘work’ in making the Middle East the peaceful place it is today! And if that weren’t enough the good old US Army gave me a reward for outstanding Civilian Service in Iraq!

You’re probably wondering why you’ve never heard of me before, well I’m fairly modest about my achievements and I’m not overly fond of interviews but the good people of Egypt can rest safely in the knowledge that I’m constantly in the background doing what’s best not just for Egypt but the entire region!

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