#OpEgypt: 25 police conscripts executed in #Sinai, #Egypt

Images showing police conscripts killed in Al Arish city in Egypt’s North Sinai governorate. The image shows men with their hands tied behind their back, indicating an execution-style killing.

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Medical report by an ambulance worker on the death of the 25 conscripts, and the injury of 2. Date at very top of page reads August 19, 2013. In the report, the two on top are wounded. 25 are dead by: “Bullet in head and back”.

The ministry of interior has posted images and details of the soldiers to Facebook. Military funeral for victims of the Central Security soldiers in Al Arish. Reported testimony in Arabic.

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About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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2 Responses to #OpEgypt: 25 police conscripts executed in #Sinai, #Egypt

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  2. Ziad says:

    who done it ?

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