#OpEgypt: Militants kill 4 soldiers in #Ismailia, #Egypt

Images of two army recruits sniped in the head in ‪Ismailia‬ on 15/8/20131001559_693716023990196_530876926_n.
Reportedly total of 4 recruits were killed in the same way on that day.
UPDATE: Identified to be the guards of the commander of Egypt’s Second Army. They have been killed next to the governorate building of Ismailia.

UPDATE 2: Supporting video footage.

UPDATE 3: Eye witness account. Approximate map location.

UPDATE 4: Geographically related incidents.

More content from Ismailia:
Video 1: Same location. Date confirmed (14/8). Shows one of the protestors carrying a weapon.

Video 2: Same location. Date confirmed (14/8). Shows lady in a truck distributing Molotov cocktails to protestors.

Video 3: Same location. Date confirmed (14/8). Uploader says at same area (in front of courts complex). Although not visible, but hey says “I’m trying to capture the automatic weapon”.

Video 4: Location and date not confirmed (15-16/8). Alegedly a known footbal player has been shot dead in Ismailia.

Video 5: Location and date not confirmed (15-16/8). Shows army firing from a roof top on unseen targets.
Giza prosecution begin investigation over killing and mutilation of 4 cops and 3 conscripts
Mainstream media “mistakes” on Egypt
Not as peaceful as they said
“Pro Morsi” torture to death case: Witness
When is a Militant not a Militant? When in Egypt, apparently

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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