#OpEgypt: Not as peaceful as they said

We do not attempt to justify why innocents were killed, or count how many are they, or claim knowing who has killed them all and how. Exposing fake information about an incident doesn’t mean that every other detail about it is also false. It is supposed to open the doors for unlocked minds to think. Put different pieces together. There’s a lot of verified media out there that is out of our current scope, i.e, exposing lies. Below are some the important pieces that the full image can not be complete without being included in it.

Aerial footage from ‪#‎Rabaa‬

Aerial footage from ‪Rabaa‬ “sit-in” showing armed men firing from behind sand bags. What looks like a battlefield. Source Video.

“Pro ‪Morsi‬” elements engage in a shootout with the police and brutalize those who disagree. Source Video.

“Pro ‪Morsi‬” elements engage in a shootout with the police. Source Video.
The man in the above video (wearing camouflaged top, and black balaclava), appears in another video burning a police car. Same neighborhood also. Source video.

Armed “pro Morsi” elements engage in a shootout with the police. Source Video.

“Pro Morsi” brutally attack an officer. Source Video.

More of the “pro Morsi” elements armed with automatic weapons. Source Video.

Giza prosecution begin investigation over killing and mutilation of 4 cops and 3 conscripts
Mainstream media “mistakes” on Egypt
25 police conscripts executed in Sinai, Egypt
“Pro Morsi” torture to death case: Witness
When is a Militant not a Militant? When in Egypt, apparently

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  4. Very Horrible pic

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  15. commart says:

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    If thinking about the Egyptian military’s response to challenge, keep in mind this data.

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