#OpEgypt: The coup of the coup!

January 25 2011 was an uprising against injustice. February 11 2011 SCAF (unconstitutionally) took direct control, with the help of MB & Co. According to the constitution then, the head of the constitutional court was supposed to be the interim president. That didn’t happen, as SCAF had a different plan. After showing great failure in management, such direct control had to be camouflaged with a civilian face, in June 2012. A farce elections under no constitution or parliament. SCAF & MB deal gradually fell apart in less than one year under MB’s even worse mismanagement. During that time, SCAF has warned the MB elites multiple times to correct their course, in an attempt to preserve the highly needed civilian camouflage, until the last moment. In July 2013 SCAF had no choice but to break the deal with the MB, just as they had no choice but to make it in the beginning (i.e., under nationwide popular pressure). In July 2013, we’re effectively back to February 2011, except that this time the head of the constitutional court is now the interim president, as it was supposed to be back then. We don’t necessarily have to trust SCAF in order to support the new road map, as long as the revolution continues. Speaking about a coup in 2013 is as fallacious as speaking about democratic elections under no constitution (in 2012).

Graffiti on Cairo wall: Morsi & Mubarak interchangeable. "More things change, more stay same"

Graffiti on Cairo wall: “Revolution everywhere, on the killer and the traitor”. For any revolutionary, Mubarak/SCAF/Morsi= same regime.

Everyone has an agenda and is speaking through it. Everyone support Morsi for a different reason. Some support him just to piss off their competing politicians in their own country. Some shyly show their support, sending conflicting messages, just to put pressure on the current SCAF, in an attempt to contain the new developments, while avoiding direct confrontation. Others support him because of the historic deal he brokered between Hamas and Israel in 2012, effectively destroying the concept of ‘resistance’, making him a better asset than Mubarak. Some support him out of fear from paying for their crimes. Some want him to stay so he could fulfill the promise to send warriors into Syria. Etc. Regardless, all are not concerned about the revolution’s goals. Are they?


Morsi honors Mubarak’s SCAF leader (Tantawi) with the highest medal in Egypt for “his role in the revolution”. Hundreds of Egyptians were killed and injured under both Tantawi and Morsi.

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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