#OpEgypt: New child abuse case according to MOI

Information Center official at the Interior Ministry (MOI) stated that, information were received about some microbus drivers’ frequent visits on a number of poor areas and the collection and transfer of children to the MB sit in at Nasr City (Rabaa).

In a follow-up today (4/August), the security forces at Kaliobeya Directorate have seized (2) travelling microbuses today, with total of (42) children.

Through investigation, turned out that the man who collects the children and attracts them is called “Ahmed Yousef Sadek”, 31 years old teacher at the “Association of Teaching Quran” in Atfeeh, Giza. Being confronted, he admitted collecting the children and taking them by car to the MB sit in and promising them to buy new clothes for post Ramadan’s feast (Eid), and that these children are from areas of Shubra Al Khaimah. The children have confirmed it. Legal actions have been taken about the incident, and the case is sent to the public prosecution, which began its investigations.
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About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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