#OpEgypt: When is a Militant not a Militant? When in Egypt, apparently

Robert Fisk, the renowned English writer & journalist, admits witnessing machine gun in the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‪Rabaa‬ sit in.
“I have to say that a man guarding a car park near the mosque who directed me to the hospital was holding a Kalashnikov rifle”
“I was a little shocked to see this man in a blue T-shirt holding an automatic weapon.”
htwhtraahteIn his article he also said: “There were no dead policemen.” However the article was not updated to include any mention of Captain Sharif Al Sebaey who died on the same day at the Police Hospital. He was shot with a bullet in the head while confronting the supporters of the ousted Morsi the earlier day, in order to prevent them from reaching to the bridge. His funeral was held on Monday 29/7/2013.

We don’t know why did Mr Fisk forget to update his article to include the detail about Captain Sharif Al Sebaey’s death? We also have no idea how can such an armed demonstration be called a “peaceful sit in” by all the media outlets?

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Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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