#OpEgypt: Not All are Peaceful, Yet Excess Force Unjustified

Images taken from a video of a pro ‪Morsi‬ firing at the police then running to clear the scene for his unarmed brothers. One policeman was shot in the head in the same incident and his funeral was held last Monday. If you can’t believe the photos, watch the video yourself.

This is not an attempt clear the police’s side from any accusation regarding brutality and excessive use of force. We know who they are. Dozens have been killed. RIP all of them. Investigations are required.

So where are the mainstream media from this story-changing detail?

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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6 Responses to #OpEgypt: Not All are Peaceful, Yet Excess Force Unjustified

  1. Rigoberto says:

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  5. bemacomber says:

    If Egyptians continue to be blinded by the military how can a true social democracy come into being? Pro this and anti that is not the answer to establishing freedom, justice, and bread. For years I advocate ALL armies lay down their arms and stop the madness of the military industrial complex from repressing civil society and destroying Earth. I reside in a nature country with no military for exactly this reason. I basically do not understand the Egyptian scene/crisis because I am not an insider and privy only to what I listen and learn from Twitterings, Egyptian friends, and alternative media. I do get 950,000 to 750,000 are ’employed’ by the military and mandatory service is required and also the intrusion of the military into corrupt business schemes. What I cannot understand is why Egyptians allowed their country to be ruled by war machines paid for my former homeland (America). All Egyptians, and the rest of humanity, must stop name calling, bomb throwing in public mobilizations, and being swallowed by the emotions of turmoil fed by rage and anger to keep the machine alive. Peace comes about when the military no longer holds power over the society. It is simply this – vote to disband the military and take the arms and destroy them in a public ceremony. Peace will begin and the people of The Nile will know they are no longer subjects of the realm or pawns in repression. Our species deserves, one and all, to be global citizens of peace where health, education, and equality replace fear, violence and oppression.

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