#OpEgypt: Three dead bodies found under Giza bridge

1003716_489910234435823_484298396_nA driver found three unidentified dead bodies under Omraneya Bridge in Giza on 17/7/2013 and reported the finding to Giza security authorities, who started an investigation on the incident.

The dead bodies belonged to three men in their thirties. All three had their hands and legs chained and had tattoos on their bodies. The dead bodies were found inside sacks. Stab wounds were visible in various parts of the bodies. The victims did not have IDs on them and had torture marks, burns, and bruises on their bodies.

Investigations could later identify the user of a mobile phone, which belongs to one of the victims, after replacing its SIM card. The user is named / Ahmad Kamal Mahmoud Kamel resident area Boulaq Dakrour, belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood. When confronted, he admitted that he and others from the pro Morsi campers at Nahda square in Giza, have detained the victims amid the protesters and suspected that they were anti Morsi.

They beat them in one of the tents until they died. Then dumped their bodies in a piece of land in Umraneya, Giza. Investigations are still ongoing to identify the rest of the criminals.


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Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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