#OpEgypt: Police Captain Killed by pro Morsi

1000116_539252929457036_369374358_nCaptain Sharif Al Sebaey died on 28/72013, at the Police Hospital. He was shot in the head and had his eye liquidated while confronting the supporters of the ousted Morsi the earlier day, in order to prevent them from reaching the ‪Tahrir‬ leading bridge (kilometers away from the Muslim Brotherhood sit in).

This minor detail doesn’t get the attention of some, because it changes the harmony of their lies. The excessive use of force by the police in response must be condemned. Investigation is required… However, such tiny detail, which is ignored by copy/paste activists and media reporters for some reason, blows the “peacefulness story” from its bases. His funeral was held on 29/7/2013 (video).

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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8 Responses to #OpEgypt: Police Captain Killed by pro Morsi

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  7. Jewlz Jemz says:

    May he rest in peace .. Alah yer7amo

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