Morsi Supporters Torch 3 Buildings & Attack Residents

996542_539004256166119_484940905_nMorsi supporters set 3 buildings to flame in Ezbet Abu Hashish neighborhood in Cairo and clash with residents.

Dozens of Morsi supporters, went on Sunday evening to Ezbet Abu Hashish neighborhood in Cairo, and set fire to three buildings next to a railway crossing resulting in traffic congestion on Ghamra bridge.

Morsi supporters and dozens of residents of Ezbet Abu Hashish exchanged shotgun pellets and live bullets near to the buildings on flames, where Morsi supporters believed that the residents were hired by the police to attack them.

Clashes led to the injury of a number of residents with shotgun pellets in the face and chest. Three fire trucks have arrived and ambulances, but Morsi supporters prevented them from entering.

Reported via Almasryalyoum.

See also more about Pro Morsi Peacefulness: Few Examples.

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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