#OpEgypt: Peaceful or Not?

Video‬ of a number of supporters of the ousted ‪‎Morsi‬. They block the high road and prevent traffic from passing.

Then a police officer starts to talk to the road blockers in a loud speaker: “What you are doing is against the law, please open a way for traffic”.

The supporters begin to gather around the armored police vehicle, shouting curses and insults. Then a protestor climbs on the vehicle and assaults the officer and tries to steal his weapon. The officer committed to self-restraint and did not use his weapon.

Of course if the attacker (protestor) was shot or injured, he would appear all over the media as the martyr of peacefulness, and the footage would only show the result and not the whole scene.

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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