Brotherhood “Harassment” Demonstrations

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Description: a small demonstration ranging from 500 to 1000 pro-Morsi folks, roam a vital street in Cairo back and forth, throw an insult here and a brick there and intentionally block the road to punish the citizens who have accepted the ouster of Morsi, and pray in the middle of the road (even if it’s not the prayer time) once a police car or the army arrives. The photographer is ready for filming to discredit the army with pictures, and spicy comments emerge about “an assault by the soldier on the worshipers”, to mobilize more people to “defend religion”!

The result: the demonstration angers the citizens/residents of the neighborhood and its workers from street vendors and shopkeepers, so they try to persuade the protesters to leave the area. After some push and pull the pro-Morsi planned battle begins, and the photographer starts again taking pictures of the bloodshed from a single side only, while photographers from the other side are beaten and their cameras confiscated. Commentators speak about the poor victims of Brotherhood, and trade with the blood of those who think they do this for a cause.

If the police intervenes, they are helping the “thugs” (i.e., the “not fashionable” people of the neighborhood defending their interests), and if they do not intervene, then the “thugs” must be “police in disguise, or hired”.

This scene was repeated by the MB group in several provinces over the past two days with slight variations, but most of the demonstrations end in the same way.

The citizens began to understand this scenario, so when news arrive that the Brotherhood demonstration is coming in a few hours to the neighborhood, this has become a wake-up call for them to close the streets to prevent the entry of the demonstration in anticipation of the above scenario, played by the miserable perishing MB group.

See also: Pro Morsi Peacefulness: Few Examples.

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4 Responses to Brotherhood “Harassment” Demonstrations

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  2. No point in creating lies, it is secularists and liberals and nationalists who are celebrating to the oust of Morsi, it is the only narrative we can be sure of and it says much about the state of Egypt, it has declared openly war on Islam.

    • Morsi is not Islam. Most of Egyptians are Muslims. There are Salafis who support Morsi’s ouster. Why do you think you are a better Muslim than they are?

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. It’s exceedingly surprising to learn of a revolution backed not only by the state, Army and police but media also. Where are these people’s right to their freedom of expression. There is significant numerical support for formerly ousted Morsi, who, as we cannot forget arrived at his position (however slim the counts where) through the Ballot Box. Be fair in the story you present. These people have a right to stage their protest in any peace manner they please.

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