Are you a Morsi Sympathizer?

Not everyone who backs the Brotherhood’s agenda is necessarily one of them. The Muslim Brotherhood have a diverse range of sympathizers. Each category of sympathizers has its own reason for showing support. AlQaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri, for example, supports the Brotherhood rule symbolized in Morsi for terrorism related logistical reasons, and so has posted a recent solidarity message threatening Egyptians and their military. On the other hand, some Palestinians support Morsi because they think he was going to liberate them from their terrible situation imposed by the Israeli occupation. Ironically enough, Israelis too are going to miss him, because he could do them a favor that any other president didn’t do, i.e., Hamas deals. The US & Co. never cared about democracy in our countries, however they speak about the “democratically elected” Morsi, their precious asset, because of the recent sectarian rants he sponsored against Iran and Hezbollah. So he may be a bad dog (against the Egyptian people), but he’s fine as long as he’s Uncle Sam’s dog. What kind of democracy is this, where dissent is apostasy? Supporters of the Syrian bloodbath in general stand in solidarity with Morsi because he was going to be a key player there from their point of view, especially after the latest sectarian speech he sponsored.

So, where are the Egyptian people from all this mess? Tens of millions of Egyptians went to the streets nationwide to say their word. They were threatened with death. The military has a clear duty which is to prevent this bloody threat. What we are seeing now, of dozens of unfortunate deaths from the people, officers and brotherhood are a tiny fraction from what was going to happen if the brotherhood leaders were allowed to move on with their threats. Imagine if the military leaders chose to stand by Morsi and confront the tens of millions of people around the country. Could they? Then the brotherhood was going to call the military leader a hero, just like they did in January 2013 when dozens of anti Morsi protestors were killed by the police. But this time it was not going to be only dozens. Was that possible?

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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