What’s Happening in Egypt Now

By @Nagoul1 on Jul 6th, 2013
This morning, I tweeted my take on what’ is happening in Egypt now.  Several people asked me to compile them as one link.
The tweets are in my TL and Favorites, if you would like to retweet a specific tweet
(1) I was not for military participation in our revolution and I think that it could have been done without their help. #Egypt
(2) One of the worst effects of #SCAF rule, after they hijacked our first revolution, was a country that HATES it’s own military. #Egypt
(3) After we all finally became aware that Mubarak’s #SCAF staged a silent coup on the shoulders of #Jan25, they could no longer keep power.
(4) The military realized that the #MB regime was about to start a civil war rather than listen to the people’s demands.
5) The military was asked by the Majority of Morsi’s opposition (about 85% of population in June) to help them oust the MB megalomaniacs.
(6) The military, an integral part of the regime did not want a coup. Their “ultimatum” would have saved Morsi had he accepted it. #Egypt
(7) It was only after #Morsi‘s 2 1/2 hour speech in which he indirectly threatened EVERYONE, that the military made the decision. #Egypt
(8) The army tried to save Morsi twice: 1. The referendum on early presidential elections 2. The ultimatum (could have saved #MB) #Egypt
(9) Till the last minute, the army tried to save the regime, until the #MB‘s incompetence as statesmen didn’t leave them much choice #egypt
(10) The Army was very reluctant because the counter-revolutionary #SCAF rule left them in an awkward place for the majority of #Egyptians
11) Over 80% of the population would NOT tolerate the return of military dictatorship. We revolted 3 times against the autocracy. #egypt
(12) The army did not assume power. We already have a civilian interim president and a civilian government to be shortly announced. #Egypt
(13) The real reason why the army doesn’t want power or a role in political life is that they KNOW that #SCAF in power failed miserably.
(14) When Tantawi’s #SCAF held the presidential “elections” , they rigged them by design so that their man (shafiq) would win.
(15) After Tantawi realized that they couldn’t pull off the shafiq trick, Morsi was declared winner & they had to hand him power #Egypt
(16) Initially, after the Feb 11 silent coup, SCAF had NO intention of handing power to anyone Everything done was to restore the old regime
(17) The difference between the first and second coup is that this time the military KNOW that they can’t hold on to power. #Egypt
(18) The largest protest in human history is written off as a coup. Why? Because this could happen to every single government in the world
(19) The idea of the whole population rising against them and threatening their very existence is terrifying to all governments. #Egypt
(20) The idea of the military siding with the people rather than the regime is also terrifying to all sane governments. #Egypt
(21) Under Morsi, #Egypt was a deMOCKracy. There is was no “democracy” in the first place, in order for us to “return to”.
(22) Living conditions and standards deteriorated rapidly during MB’s year in power. Inflation, taxes and shortages left many improvised.
(23) All the #MB cared about was the consolidation of power &the Islamization of the country then the region, rather than address problems
(24) The #MB monopolized writing the constitution which was aimed at the gradual Islamization of the country. They excluded everyone. #Egypt
(25) #Morsi and the #MB denied their political and economic fail. Instead, they blamed us all for it. #Egypt
(26) During their year in power, the #MB made enemies with: liberals, opposition, judges, women, Christians, police, military, artists, (media) ….
(27) We all knew that the #MB would not leave without causing a blood bath, and that was the reason the majority demanded a coup.
(28) Before, during and after #June30, the MB and related groups called for “jihad” against the protesters and then all Egyptians #Egypt
(29) The majority of Egyptians are very happy with what’s going on, although many still have reservations about military involvement. #Egypt
(30) Most of what is said on the corporate #MSM about #JUNE30 is either outright lies or grossly distorted. #Egypt #Tamarod
(31) Most of the Arab News networks (Arabia, Al-Jazeera ..etc) are strongly biased towards islamists and their coverage is always one-sided
(32) During the #June30 revolution, the #MB & other Islamists used these & own TV netwoks to call for Jihad against the population. #Egypt
(33) We will NOT tolerate another form of autocracy- military, Islamic or civilian. We will keep on rising till we get what we want. #Egypt
Confused about what’s going on in #Egypt ? My last 33 tweets are a simplification of my take on what is happening. Please read them or share

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Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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