Evidence by Morsi Supporters

The truth about the same video used by ‪the Muslim Brotherhood, and their supporting activists, to accuse the military of aggression.

The first visible gunshot (in the video) is from the pro-Morsi side at t = 1:29

Then an intense fire from the pro-Morsi at t = 4:00

A conscript is injured at t = 12:26 And clearly there is no “prayers” as claimed by their activists, and the army started by demolishing the (illegal) wall as the uploader explains.


This is not an attempt to offer a justification for the tragic incident. However we would like to know what were the Muslim Brotherhood leaders expecting as a response form the military to live gunshot and why did they let this happen?

What’s for sure is that they were not peaceful protestors and the arms were cached from the beginning. The arabic title says the clashes started when the forces tried to remove the wall. Incompetent armed militia confronting a professional army, has only one tragic result.  What were the Brotherhood leaders planning by caching these weapons in the sit in? Even if we assume that pro Morsi lines could be infiltrated by intelligence, in order to trigger this tragedy, that doesn’t relieve the organizers from their responsibility towards securing the sit in they called for. Finally, why always all the dead are poor and “ordinary people”, and not a single leader or their sons.


(Note: The video has many copies on the internet, uploaded by different activists to claim it “proves the military aggression”.)

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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