Pro-Morsi Warning Messages

Pro-Morsi demonstrators threat tens of millions of Egyptians with death.
In a video interview, one man said:
“I warn At-Sisi that he has created a new Taliban in Egypt.
And a new Al-Qaeda in Egypt,
all these crowds will Spread as suicide bombers.
they will destroy you and destroy Egypt.
you have created new mujahidin and suicide bombers.
if only 10% of them blew themselves up in a crowd of people, you will be responsible.
you have created Terrorism.
and you have started. I warn you. return things as it was or, you will find all these crowds blowing Egypt up,
you are creating civil war between Muslims and non Muslims.
You create Civil war between.
Muslins and Seculars.
Muslims and shia
and you wrote the death certificate of the National Salvation Front and its men.
and all the rebels.
and every one who opposes Morsi.
and you will see.”

A woman; “I tell the Christians you live next to us, we will burn you.”

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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