Security Update 1

 Security Update 1

Archive photo: Egyptian security forces has been deployed to protect protestors.

• 18 Jamaa Islameya militants arrested in Alexandria in possession of fire arms.
• 2 Jamaa Islameya men arrested in Assiut, in possession of 2 machine guns.
• 4 registered criminals have been arrested in Mahalla, while being inserted among protestors, in possession of fire arms.
• Renewed clashes at Brotherhood HQ .. A Brotherhood bus loaded with gunmen support for the HQ.
• Mokattam hospitals received 5 dead, who were killed in front of Brotherhood HQ.
• Quantities of Military uniform found inside a resodential unit in Ismailia.
• Before heading for demonstrations .. 7 men were arrested in position of assault rifles and cartridges shots at “Alexandria – Cairo” highway.
• Brotherhood members riding 1 ‘bus’ and 3 ‘minibuses’ loaded with weapons and Molotov, have been arrested.


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Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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