Jamaah Islamiyah Threatens to Kill “Christians and Secularists” on June 30


Dozens of members of the Construction and Development Party, and a number of members of the Jamaah Islamiyah in Qena, march under the slogan “Yes to legitimacy”, on Tuesday evening, in support of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, inviting citizens to “Jihad for the protection of the Islamic law”. A party leader has threatened who he described as “Christians and secularists” by targeting “their leaders” and “bringing them down”.

Sheikh Saber Hamza, a leader of Construction and Development Party in Qena, said that “June 30 will be the day of Jihad in the way of Allah and the protection of Islamic law and legitimacy represented in Dr. Morsi”, pointing out that his men are at the “ready to sacrifice themselves in order to maintain legitimacy and on Islamic law”.

He demanded in a speech in front of dozens who participated in the march to “Pledge to God on fighting for the right on June 30 in order to defend the law and religion”.

Hamza warned of what he called “Christians and secularists”, and “regime remnants”, who he said they “threaten national security”, that he “will not target the small heads, but will target the big heads, the leaders”, pointing out that “upper Egypt has defeated the Franks in the past and will defeat the regime remnants and Christians in (the planned anti-Morsi demonstrations of) June 30”.

The demonstrators chanted slogans including “O Christians, on 30 June, Army of Muhammad protects religion”, and “Islamic .. Islamic .. In spite of Crusaders”, and “Islam is coming and Jihad is coming and the Quran is coming”, and “God is great.. God is great”, and “there is no god but Allah … ElBaradei and Hamdeen and George Isaac (opposition leaders) are enemies of Allah”, and “30th of June is day of struggle, Islamic in spite of liberals and seculars”.

Reported from AlMasry AlYoum Arabic.
Translated by Operation Egypt.

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6 Responses to Jamaah Islamiyah Threatens to Kill “Christians and Secularists” on June 30

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  6. Habibi says:

    Wahabi Raving lunatics who need to be put into cages in Giza Zoo for us all to go photograph throw bananas at!

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