Muslim Brotherhood Affiliates Incite Violence

As the Muslim Brotherhood organize their “no violence” demonstration in Cairo, their affiliates are busy in rural areas distributing “Takfiri” flyers that accuse their opponents of:
– Insulting the prophet PBUH and his companions.
– Insulting the call for prayers.
– Calling for violence and destruction.
– Attacking & bombarding mosques with stones and petrol bombs.
– Stealing fuel and burning wheat fields.
– Opposing “Islam”.
– Treachery.

All of these accusations are designed to enflame the people’s feelings against pro-democracy activists, in a very dangerous, takfiri speech. At the end of the flyer, they call for “action” against the previously described activists, in order to protect “Islam”.


Flyers in Arabic, distributed in rural areas.

Islamists Watchdog (@islamistswatch) tweeted at 10:13 PM on Wed, Jun 19, 2013:
‏تاني: شوفتوا المنشور اللي كان بيوزعوا الإخوان أول إمبارح في أوسيم .. استمتعوا

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5 Responses to Muslim Brotherhood Affiliates Incite Violence

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  3. kshihabi says:

    This is very dangerous! It can lead to a lot of bloodshed.

    • Yes, they play with fire. One word kills thousands. There are videos of “sheikhs” who call opposition non-believers and anti religion. They said so in front of Morsi and he didn’t reject it! Takfiri speech..

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