Important Announcement

Conditional support is nothing for us to care about. Solidarity is a voluntary position displayed towards a cause that someone sincerely believes in. In your case, that personal position should be towards the people of Egypt, not towards “Operation Egypt”. If someone feels that OpEgypt is not what was expected, and can’t construct a decent discussion, then leaving immediately is the way. We have various opinions, regarding different regional matters. Misunderstanding and/or disagreeing with some/all of these views happens all the time. That’s the nature of human beings. However using reason to discuss points of disagreement is the way, rather than calling the other side’s talk as propaganda and other meaningless phrases. Of course everyone is free to call it whatever he/she wants, but that is not the way if the real goal is to convince. To conclude, disagreement is appreciated, yet any display of arrogant/racial talk or reminders about how precious/generous is someone’s support, is not acceptable and we usually don’t have any patience for such a thing.

About Operation Egypt

Global standing in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their peaceful struggle for their rights.
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